Tuesday, July 7, 2015

No Spend July Day 7: Deep Cleaning Chores

Theirs are those cleaning chores we hate to do therefore we put them off. It would take so much less time to clean if we did them regularly. Those things can include cleaning the shower or bathtub, cleaning the ceiling fans, and cleaning the oven. A few of these things may take a little elbow grease and therefore take a little time to do. If you can accomplish your tasks in a day go for it. If you need to do one or two everyday for a week it still gets done. 
What deep cleaning tasks do you need to do?

On My List:
Clean the oven.
Clean the Dishwasher
Clean the microwave.
Clean the bathtub.
Clean light fixtures.
Clean the inside of the washer and dryer.
Clean the ceiling fans. 
Take apart to clean the box and osculating fans.



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