Sunday, July 5, 2015

No Spend July Day 5: A Simple Day to Relax

We are so busy running here, there, and everywhere that no one seems to take a day to just relax. We need an unplanned day every once in awhile to kick off our shoes. You can spend your day however you want but I encourage you to have a simple day at home. Save the housework and chores for another day. It’s time to relax while relieving stress. We collect many things to entertain ourselves that seldom get used. Today is your day to drag out your stuff and have fun! What can you do?

I’m spending several hours of my day reading a book from my collection that I’ve bought at a thrift store over the years. I’m enjoying a nice cold glass of tea that I brewed the night before from my huge stash of teas. I’m sitting on the swing in my backyard while watching the birds and squirrels.

My husband and I will take a nice walk in our community while enjoying the gardens in our neighborhood. We don’t go into people’s yard but we like to view their vegetable gardens, if they are near enough to the sidewalk. 

I’ll pop myself a bowl of popcorn before I sit down to a movie with a cool drink. In the evening on weekends I like to watch Hallmark movies on cable or Netflix.

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