Thursday, July 23, 2015

No Spend July Day 23: Family Night

 Have a family night at home. You can entertain your family with the stuff you own that never gets used. You can play board games, watch movies, do crafts, or ride bikes. If you have things to entertain your family that doesn’t get used or they don’t want to play with anymore now is the time to get a little help sorting though them to head out the door. Get out that kitchen appliance that lingers in the cabinet and have some fun. Do you have a fondue pot, a donut maker, a sandwich maker, a waffle maker, or a s’more warmer? Drag them out of hiding and have a fun night with the family. If it feels overwhelming and you don’t want to use them it may be time to let them go. Pack up any that didn’t work out or you don’t want to use and donate them.

Family night is a good way to strengthen family relationships. It’s a nice time to talk and learn about what they like and don’t like. Sometimes having a family night can give you clues as to the things you own that are time to pass on to another family.

What can you do on family night?

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