Thursday, June 28, 2012

Barn and Shed Painted

My husband and I worked on painting the Barn and Shed this May and I am finally posting about it. This was a project we had wanted to do for several years and never got around to it. It started last May when we scraped the old paint and done some painting until we ran out of paint and didn't finish it. This year we decided to tackle this job until it was done and with so much time passing we had to start over.  The project took us about 2 weeks to complete. The before pictures are old but they were the best I could find.

The Before:

The Shed picture is from 2009 I am not sure why it says 2006 on the photo.

The Barn picture was taken in 2010 its not very good but its the best I could find.


This is my Honey painting the shed.


I wanted to take down the wreath on the front and remove the old flowers and nest but I had to put it back up because it had eggs in the nest but in the fall I will remove it.

On the right side I took down some of the old decorations added a few new ones. I think I spent about $3.00 at the thrift store for both.

The front of the Barn. The left and back of the barn is metal so no paint needed there.

But the right side got a new coat of paint.

We need to get some metal paint to do the basketball hoop soon. This was not a professional job but a DIY but we love the new updated look. We got the paint for free so this was a no cost project. It was very hot out when we did this so we were sweating and had to take several breaks but it was worth it. I enjoyed the time with My Honey.

Monday, June 25, 2012

All of Life is Worship to God

“But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” Matthew 6:33

He asks me to focus on Him, as a lifestyle, and then everything else will be added to me. As I go through my days in faith, seeking His wisdom and guidance and being willing to follow I don’t have to strive or try and get it all right; I just have to trust that the Holy Spirit is working in me as I lean into Him and obey. As I lose myself in Him, as I unbecome, He does.

And Life Becomes Worship.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

12 Week Health Challenge: Week 5 Update

This week is all about taking steps to BE HAPPIER!

Day 29 Monday June 18

Feeling blue? Make over your mind-set with these simple steps this week.

Take-Action Tips:

Holler if you need help. It's hard to be happy when you're feeling overburdened. So reach out and ask for the help you need—maybe it's getting more volunteers to pitch in for the PTA fundraiser or family members to clean up the dishes after dinner—rather than quietly seething about everything that's falling on your shoulders. The extra assistance will alleviate some of your stress, and you'll find your mood will lighten.

Right now I am doing fine and do not feel overburdened but it has been a little crazy lately trying to get it all done. We painted the barn and shed in May. In June we have been painting my son Brandon’s Room and I hope to have the picture of the finished room up soon. It hasn’t been decorated yet and although we have some ideas I am not sure if he really wants any since he doesn’t spend much time in his room.

See every day as a special occasion. Serve dinner on your wedding china. Wear your grandmother's pearls with your T-shirt and jeans. Pulling out those things you typically reserve just for holidays or birthdays can make you feel sunny on ordinary days since these cherished items bring on mood-boosting memories.

I have always loved decorating up the dinner table and having fun planning special meals and desserts and have done lots of Tablescapes but have let it fall by the wayside. I was doing tablescapes and linking up for Tablescape Thursday August 2009 – September 2010 but I think I burned myself out and didn’t always post all of them to my blog. I also didn’t want to add any more dishes to my collection but you know how that goes I have added at least 3 sets since I last posted about my dishes but I have gotten rid of several smaller sets or mismatched pieces. I have decided to make all my sets of dishes match my kitchen and look good together and let go of the other sets so I have been slowly weeding them down.

I have been having fun painting my nails this summer and have worn a couple pieces of jewelry to feel a little nicer since I don’t usually wear anything but my wedding and engagement rings. I think I may get a haircut and color my hair at the beginning of July.

I need to spend some time coming up with some crafts, projects, and books to add to my Project Bag for Fair week at the end of July and Volleyball camp. I like to keep busy so I need to work on it now so I don’t feel rushed or end up bored.

Pile on praise. Leave yourself positive messages (a note you stick to your mirror or computer or an hourly alert you set on your phone). Maybe it's "You're beautiful," or "You're creative," or even "You're a wonderful mom." Whenever we hear something repeatedly, we tend to internalize its meaning, and this can shape how you feel about yourself, say psychologists. Seeing upbeat messages every day and saying them out loud to yourself will help you believe them. And when you start thinking more positively about yourself, you'll feel happier overall.

How about “I’m beautiful just the way I am.” Or "I’m creative and being creative brings me joy"

How did these tips help? Did they make you feel more energized, empowered, optimistic or excited, or overwhelmed, depressed and defeated?

They made me feel empowered to do some things that I enjoy but have put off doing.

Day 30 Tuesday June 19

Practice positive self talk. What are some of the motivational messages you’re leaving for yourselves. Where are you putting them?

I printed them out and put them on my board in my office.

Day 31 Wednesday June 20

Let’s Recap: As you make new changes each week, remember that a new set of tips doesn’t require throwing the old ones out the window! (After all, it takes three weeks to form a habit.) Take a look back at some of the tips we’ve asked you to try. Reflect on which have become nearly second nature, and those that could use some nurturing.

Week 1: Increase Your Energy
Week 2: Get Active
Week 3: End Unhealthy Habits
Week 4: Eat Well

And continue to work on the tips from this week, Week 5: Be Happy.

Which of these wellness-boosting strategies were the easiest to stick with? Which are the most challenging? Have any fallen by the wayside?

I have not done as well as I had hoped with this challenge I wanted to give it my all but I have slacked a lot especially in with Week 2 and 3.

Day 32 Thursday June 21

Crank up some feel-good songs. Turning up your favorite tunes can be an easy way to beat the blues. What are some songs that put a smile on your face—and why do you like them? For example, does hearing them take you back to a more carefree time in your life? Or does the melody help you relax and forget about whatever’s stressing you?

I don’t listen to much music but when I do it is praise and worship, you can’t go wrong with any of that.

Day 33 Friday June 22

What have you done for YOU lately? One of this week’s tips was to add a little luster to a humdrum day by doing something special for yourself. Did you make it happen? If so, what did you do? If not, what are some ways you could treat yourself this weekend or next week? Keep in mind, your something special doesn’t have to cost a thing. As we mentioned, it could be serving dinner on your wedding china or wearing your grandmother’s pearls with your T-shirt and jeans. It should just be anything out of the ordinary that puts a smile on your face!

I painted my nails on Monday and plan to find some other things to do to pamper myself.

Day 34 Saturday June 23

Laugh your worries away. Studies have shown that not only do shoulder-shaking snickers burn calories, but simply anticipating laughter can reduce stress by cutting cortisol levels! What got you giggling this week! Did you hear a funny joke?

I don’t remember anything special that made me laugh but I had a good week.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

12 Week Health Challenge: Week 4 Update

The theme this week: EAT HEALTHIER!

Day 22 Monday June 11

Spooning up smarter fare can help you stave off illness. Make these simple tweaks today.

Take-Action Tips:
Reconsider your carbs. Look at the bread, rice and pastas in your pantry. Are they all "white foods" made with enriched flour? If so, they're lacking the all-important fiber that makes grains so protective against diseases, like diabetes, cancer and heart disease. On your next shopping trip, make a point of purchasing whole-grain foods, like brown rice and 100 percent whole-wheat bread and pasta. Check the labels to be sure the starches contain at least 3 grams of fiber per serving. Each day, aim for six servings, like a slice of bread, a half-cup of pasta or rice, or a cup of cereal.

I have tried purchasing brown rice, whole-wheat pasta and bread but my kids refuse to eat it so until they move out on their own I will need to buy the white stuff. I do watch how many carbs I eat per day and make sure I am not loading them up with too many high calorie toppings.

Cut back on red meat.

We don’t eat a lot of beef because of the price but we eat lots of chicken, pork loin, ground chuck, ham, and turkey. I will try to make one Meatless meal per week. I will look into trying some of the recipes on the Meatless Monday website.

Stock up on produce.

Fruits and veggies are chock-full of plant compounds that have been shown to protect against all kinds of ailments, from cancer to heart disease. However, you'll get the most health bang for your buck by selecting the minimum five recommended produce servings you need each day from different color groups—red peppers and tomatoes, orange carrots and cantaloupe, yellow pineapple and squash, white cauliflower, green broccoli and kale, purple berries and plums—since experts say these color families contain different healthful plant compounds. Stocking your fridge with packages of precut produce and sauce-less steam-and-serve veggies can make it a snap to squeeze in your five daily servings.

I have heard of the recommendation to eat a selection of fruits and veggies from different color groups and although I agree that you should eat a variety I think this would be impossible on a daily basic sometimes. I keep fresh veggies in my fridge at all times such as lettuce, broccoli, carrots, celery, radishes, and cucumber and the fruits I always have are apples, oranges, and bananas. I do pick at least one other fresh fruit or veggie each week but I have to watch the prices and pick what is cheapest and not buy more than my family will eat since for the most part I am the veggie eater in our home. I buy corn, cream corn, carrots, peas, green beans, spinach, mixed veggies canned and broccoli, and brussel sprouts frozen. I try to eat a minimum of the five recommended produce servings each day.

How did these tips help you. Did they make you feel more energized, empowered, optimistic or excited, or overwhelmed, depressed and defeated?

I felt good about the tips this week since know I do well in this area for the most part. I just need to stop eating so many sweets and eat a serving of fruits or veggies instead.

This week is all about making small changes that will help you eat more healthfully. Which of these tips will you try first?

I will cut back on my carbs and add more fruits and veggies this will help me to lose weight along with eating less sweets.

Day 23 Tuesday June 12

Love popcorn? You’re in luck. As you aim to eat healthy carbs this week, keep in mind that popcorn counts—it’s a whole grain! Three cups of air-popped popcorn counts as one serving. For a new twist on this simple snack, sprinkle two tablespoons of Parmesan cheese on top.

I like to eat oatmeal or cereal such as Fiber One or Special K for breakfast. I eat a lot of popcorn for snacks since it is a healthy grain and it is low in calorie. My favorite popcorn is microwave kettle corn. I usually have a serving of grains for lunch and dinner such as pasta or rice.

Day 25 Thursday June 14

The goal of Week 4 is to eat right by serving up more whole grains and produce while cutting back on meat. Need a little help adopting these healthy habits? Give these lunches a try. Not only do they incorporate these building blocks for good nutrition, but they're also all 300 calories, which is perfect if you're watching your waistline.

• 1/2 cup jarred roasted red bell peppers, drained
• 1/4 cup fresh basil leaves
• 1 oz. Parmesan, thinly sliced
• 2 slices whole-grain bread

Make it: Layer peppers, basil and cheese between bread slices.

• 3 cups baby spinach
• 1/2 cup canned chickpeas, rinsed and drained
• 1/4 cup canned artichoke hearts, chopped
• 1/4 cup chopped carrots
• 1 lemon, juiced
• 1 tsp. olive oil
• 2 Tbsp. grated Parmesan

Make it: Toss all ingredients and serve.

• 1/4 cup canned low-fat refried beans
• 1/2 avocado, peeled, pitted and chopped
• 1/4 cup chopped zucchini
• 2 Tbsp. salsa
• 1 whole-grain tortilla

Make it: Wrap beans, avocado, zucchini and salsa in tortilla. Serve at room temperature or heat in a microwave.

Let us know what you think of these dishes. Did you make them as is or put your own spin on the recipe?

I didn’t make any of the dishes since I don’t buy some of the items listed in the recipes.

Day 26 Friday June 15

What are some other ways you reduce the amount of red meat in your family’s meals?

To cut back on meat in our meals I often add beans or vegetables. If I am making Chicken Alfredo I will use less chicken and add broccoli as a replacement and a side veggie. This not only helps us use less meat but also less carbs if we bulk up the vegetables which helps with weight loss.

Day 27 Saturday June 16

What’s been the tastiest piece of summer produce you’ve eaten this week and what made it so good?

My husband bought me some fresh garden tomatoes from the farmers market they are so juicy and sweet they taste like candy. I get tired of eating tomatoes at restaurants and from the grocery that are too white or hard.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

12 Week Health Challenge: Week 3 Update

This week is all about  trying to  BREAK A BAD HABIT!

Day 14 Sunday June 3

What is one unhealthy habit you’d like to break?

My bad habit is that I have a sweet tooth and I am usually good most of the day but 9:00 or so each night I just can’t resist. I need to go back to my habit of eating a piece of fruit and then having a smaller portion of the unhealthy sweet or only allowing myself the unhealthy treat twice per week.


Day 15 Monday June 4

Take-Action Tips:

Make a list. Consider all the ways your life will improve once you kick this particular habit. Write them down, and then post the list where you will see it—say, on your bathroom mirror, on your car dashboard or in your daily planner. Read it at least once a day (especially when your willpower is wavering) to remind yourself why you want to quit and the good things that will come your way once you do.

My life will improve once I kick this particular habit because I will be eating healthier, feel better about myself, and have lots a few pounds. I will remember that living healthy is what I want for myself and that I can maintain it.

Secure a sponsor.

I have not found someone in person who has been successful at quitting the same habit of eating sweets or junk food. I do read health articles and read books about fitness and diet for inspiration. I don’t know anyone who has lost weight or is learning to maintain a healthy weight as I am. Which is maybe one reason I have gained back some of the weight. I started saying things to myself like why am I the only one who can’t eat whatever they want and have to turn down junk food so often. People would say you can eat that it won’t kill you or she won’t eat that. I got tired of hearing peoples crap and feeling like I was the only one trying to eat right so I gave up on myself.

Be patient with yourself. Bad habits by their very nature are hard to break—so expect to "relapse" at least once—and be gentle with yourself when it occurs. Instead of dwelling on this setback, accept your mistake and move on. Continue your course and start fresh right away. Remember, slipping up doesn't mean you can't quit, say experts. It's just going to take some time.

I need to remember this and just get myself back to what I know I should be doing, eating right and exercising. I felt better about myself after I lost weight and I feel that I am less happy since I started gaining. I need to remember that I am doing this for me.

How did these tips help you? Did they make you more energized, empowered, optimistic or excited, or did you end up overwhelmed and defeated?

At first I was feeling defeated but after I went back over my responses and realized what I was saying was a defeated attitude I decided I wanted to be optimistic so I reworded my answers to help turn my attitude into something that was more motivating. At least it’s a start.

Day 16 Tuesday June 5

Another great way to curb an unhealthy habit is to brainstorm a better-for-you behavior you can do when you’re tempted to give in to your “vice”. Complete the following sentence: “When I feel like _________ (unhealthy habit), I will __________ (healthy habit) instead.”

When I feel like snacking on unhealthy foods or over eating my allotted calories, I will drink a glass of water, unsweetened tea or a low calorie drink. Then eat a piece of fruit or raw veggies, have a piece of sugarless gum/candy or healthier lower calorie snack and brush my teeth before I am tempted to get more. If I still can’t be satisfied I will do something like go for a walk, clean house, read a book, or do a craft. I have used this technique many times I have just allowed myself to get out of the habit.

Day 18 Thursday June 7

Breaking a bad habit is hard so when I find myself tensing up I will meditate on scripture that speaks to me. I will also try some of the relaxation techniques that I have learned from yoga.

“Be still, and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

“Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls.” Jeremiah 6:16

Day 19 Friday June 8

In order to be successful at breaking your bad habit, it helps to be accountable to someone.

My husband is the person that I have asked to help keep me on track for breaking my bad habit of eating too many sweets I have also asked him to help me be accountable for exercising, losing weight and maintaining a comfortable weight. Sometimes it is hard when he is struggling with weight loss even more that I am. I was the one who motivated my family to lose weight in 2010 by joining the run club and eating healthier. Everyone lost weights during that time but some have regained. I was doing well until this past October and started to regain and now I have to motivate myself again.

Day 20 Saturday June 9

The tip for this past week that helped me the most was, Brainstorming a better-for-you behavior you can do when you’re tempted to give in to your “vice”. When I got off track this week with my unhealthy habit I just reminded myself that I will do better next time.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Brandon's Birthday

My youngest son and 4th child.

Brandon Richard
June 7, 1996
4:34 pm.
8 lbs. 2oz.
21 in. long


Happy 16th Birthday!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Our 20th Wedding Anniversary

June 6, 1992

I married my High School Sweetheart 20 years ago and I still say I do today.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

12 Week Health Challenge: Week 2 Update

This week is all about being more active.

Day 7 Monday May 27

How many times a week do you exercise now? If not as often as you’d like, what stands in your way?

My fitness routine is an exercise DVD Mon.-Fri. for 30 min-1 hour I have been averaging 2 or 3 morning a week but my goal is to do 5 days per week, lift weights for 15 min. most evenings, and a 45 min. yoga class on Monday nights. I am currently doing The Biggest Loser: The Workout - 30-Day Jump Start DVD for the past couple weeks which I borrowed from my local library I will return it and pick another one when my limit expires.

My biggest obstacle is feeling too tired or lazy in the morning and putting off exercising. I do well for a few weeks to a month and slowly slip into not exercising and then start up again just to repeat the cycle. I know that I would prefer a buddy or class but time, and money means I need to motivate myself to exercise alone most days at home.

Day 9 Tuesday May 29

Make an effort to schedule sweat time.

I have a workout schedule but would like to ramp it up more. I don’t write it down or use any fancy record keeping. When I was losing weight in 2010 I used the website to track my exercise, food, and weight and if I feel the need I will use that again.

Get busy even when you’re on the go. Try Calf raises, Glute clenches, or Leg lifts

I like to sneak in little bits of exercise during the day as I work around the house along with what the tip suggests I also do stretching, running in place, pushups, a few yoga poses. I borrow the book Denise's Daily Dozen: The Easy, Every Day Program to Lose Up to 12 Pounds in 2 Weeks several weeks ago from my library and it had a section in the book devoted to small exercise to do throught the day without much time. I think I will get it again and add a couple new ones into my life.

Form a workout group.

I can’t fit in more than once or twice a week with a group class and I am currently doing yoga and am looking into a Zumba class. I would like for my husband and I to start our walking/running 5 days per week that we have done the last 2 summers together or P90X like last summer but it has yet to happen. Maybe next week I can motivate myself and husband to start.

What do you do to keep yourself motivated to work out regularly?

My biggest problem is motivation and boredom with my workouts but I mix it up with new DVD’s for my morning workout with ones from the library. I just force myself to do it even if I don’t want to and then I get to the point of enjoying doing it and that motivates me to keep going. One thing that helps with motivation is a picture of before I started my weight loss in 2010 and a current picture.

Day 10 Wednesday May 30

What are the benefits of exercise?

I know that working out can lift your spirits but I have also found that it makes me feel better physically. If I haven’t exercised in a few days I usually feel like my body just moves slower and I have less energy and feel lazier. I am usually glad that I workout even if I found it hard to motivate myself to do it and usually feel like I have more energy. Even though I have not started to exercise at the level that I want I have been doing a lot of projects on the house such as cleaning out and painting the shed and barn, gardening, and lots of other things that are active and are physical labor types of exercise along with my morning workout.. As suggested I will start keeping a log of how I feel before, during, and after bouts of activity and see if I can find more benefits. I will just use a sheet of notebook paper and not worry about it being fancy or anything.

Day 11 Thursday May 31

Get up and move!

I usually have no problem with having to sit for long stretches of time during the day. If I had a job at a desk all day I could see this tip as useful but I am at home all day so I get plenty of movement throughout the day. If I am working on the computer, reading a book, or doing a craft that would have me sitting for a while I do usually get up and move around to change out the laundry or do the dishes so that I am not sitting too long. My personality just doesn’t let me be sedentary I always feel like I need to get up and move around a little.

Day 12 Friday June 1

Motivational Music/ Put together a Playlist

I often do not listen to music when I am exercising but when I do I like Christian contemporary artists. When I workout to DVDs I listen to whatever music they have on them. While out walking, I am usually with my husband so we are talking or I just use that time to think, plan my day and relax. When I am at yoga class I listen to whatever the teacher plays. I have found some exercise music at my library that I have listened to and liked which I plan to use while walking at some point. I will probably just use some of the music on my ipod.

Curves Freedom Fitness Music Volumes 1-5

Walk & Worship

Praise Workout with Kim Alexis: My Redeemer Lives

Maximum Workout: Workout Mix

Day 13 Saturday June 2
Would you consider this week a success? Why or why not? Which of the get-fit strategies worked best for you? (Scheduling your exercise sessions on your calendar, Forming a workout group, Toning up while you tackled your to-do list, or Setting a timer to remind you to move?)

I would say I had an average week I didn’t do as well as I wanted with my workouts or any of the previous tips as I would have liked. I need to start thinking of it as a personal challenge to do the tips everyday instead of just reading as forming ideas and plans. I did all the tips just not as consistent everyday as I had hoped I would be.