Monday, July 20, 2015

No Spend July Day 20: Cleaning Products

 Most of us have too many cleaning products that we have bought over the years.  The cleaning bug hits and we load up on cleaners forgetting that we already have a collection at home. These cleaning products tend to take over underneath the kitchen sink or on our laundry shelves. Many people like to keep their cleaners all in one place and some like to keep specific cleaners were they are used. It depends on what makes sense to you or if you’re keeping them out of reach of animals and children.

Take the time to clean up the area where you store your cleaners. Toss the empty packaging. Combine containers if you have multiple bottles of the exact same cleaner. Be careful to not mix chemicals that are not the same.

I challenge you to not buy another cleaning product until you have used up all the ones in your home. While you work your way through your stock of cleaners maybe you will find your favorite and be able to keep these items to a minimum. If you don’t like a certain product, use it up and never buy it again. Safely dispose of any products that are old or you don’t want to use. When you do use up what you already own a good general purpose cleaners that can be used in multiple areas would be worth having along with a couple specialty cleaners. If you haven’t gone green but would like to this would be a good time to research what you would like to buy after your other cleaners are used up. Many people like to make their own cleaners with basic less harsh ingredients. Remember there is no cleaner so special that it will do the work for you.

Do you have too many cleaning products? Are you going to challenge yourself to go without buying new until you use up what you have? What is your favorite all purpose cleaner? Do you make your own cleaners or use green products? 

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