Saturday, July 11, 2015

No Spend July Day 11: In Your Backyard

Get outside into your backyard; enjoy your family, and the things you own. Most people have tons of yard equipment that barely get used most summers. You can drag out those yard games, bikes, basketballs, Frisbee, or volleyball net. You can put on your sneakers to go on a walk or work in your garden. Have a simple picnic and enjoy relaxing on your lawn furniture. Enjoy the scenery and nature. You’ve already paid for this stuff, if it’s worth the space in your home, enjoy using it. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy for your family to enjoy a nice day together. Enjoy all the great activities in your backyard– that don’t cost a dime!

What will you do in your backyard?

Our town did fireworks on Saturday night. We had a party at our house in the backyard. We had a bonfire, horseshoes, and a beanbag game. My son and his friend made a small ramp and his friend entertained us on his mini motorbike. We walked down to the park for the fireworks display. I gave my grandkids glow toys that I previously bought on sale after Easter and last 4th of July. My son-in-law gave away free glow bracelets away to the kids at the park.

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