Tuesday, July 21, 2015

No Spend July Day 21: Time to Clean the House!

Home, the place we go to for respite, sleep, celebrations, food and basically where we spend most of our lives. You may have visions of a perfect house or you are more casually comfortable. There is one common issue, it must be maintained. Now how clean is relative but in general we have to clean, we don’t want to do it, we procrastinate about it, complain about it and guess what? It still needs to be cleaned!! Our goal is to clean it, maintain it and then clean it again when necessary as fast as we can! We should love and care for our homes but not feel chained by them. Our home should be our sanctuary from the world. It may take time for it to feel like it can truly happen if the chores have build up but working on it consistently over time will get you there.

Having a cleaning routine helps us maintain our homes so that we have more time for the fun stuff! There are many cleaning routines on-line to get you started or you can make a list and create your own. There is no magic routine that will clean your house for you but you can pick one that works best for you and your family.

Spend some time picking up the room that needs the most work. Grab your dust rag and cleaning supplies and get to work. If all you have are 10 minutes today, maybe you will have an hour tomorrow, or 30 minutes the day after that. Make a list of what needs accomplished in each room and do 5 things per day. Do a 15 minute room rescue everyday and see how much progress you make in a month. Do whatever motivates you to keep working. Once you get your room finished you can spend time on upkeep so it doesn’t get as overwhelming again.

What room needs to be cleaned the most? Do you have a cleaning routine? What can you do to make your home your sanctuary?

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