Wednesday, July 1, 2015

No Spend July Day 1: The Rules

I am calling on ALL of you to try, in your own way, with your own rules, to do a No Spend or Minimal-Spending in July.

Your rules should account for your own circumstances. If you have a birthday or event or vacation already on the schedule, just account for it in your plan and move on. If you do not have a huge stockpile of food stored up, you will have to include limited food purchases in your rules. Resist the temptation to make too many exceptions ahead of time.

What No Spend or Minimal-Spending rules are you going to set for yourself and your family in July?


My Personal No Spend or Minimal-Spending Challenge Rules:
*Pay our regular monthly bills.
*No spending on anything outside of our absolute necessities.

*Eat from my food pantry, fridge, and freezer as much as possible.
* Make a mini-budget for gas, essential groceries (milk, eggs), fresh fruits, etc.
*Make use of my garden vegetables.
*Avoid shopping.
* Premake on-the-go breakfast/snacks/lunches.
*Limit eating out to once a week.
*Celebrate the 4th with minimal spending.
*Spend more time together as a family.
*Do an at home Staycation.
*Relax and enjoy summer.
*Continue to work on our budget home remodeling.
*Encourage others in the group with no-spend or minimal-spending.

I am saving for our emergency fund and home improvements.

The theme for my challenge: Life is Short, Enjoy the Simple Things.

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