Wednesday, July 22, 2015

No Spend July Day 22: Get Crafty

You probably have painting supplies, paper crafting supplies, fabric crafting supplies, glues, stickers, fancy scissors, sketch books, markers, crayons, inks, sparkles, how-to books, and more. Owning the crafting supplies does not make you crafty but using them does. Pick at least one day each week to drag out your supplies and get busy. I doubt you’ll use up all your supplies this summer, or even this year for that matter but you’ll make a dent in your stash. Spend time doing something you enjoy but may not take the time to do very often.
Make a list of UFOs (UnFinished Objects) in each category of crafts you do can be a helpful. You can take a simple craft that is easy to do on-the-go when you leave the house and have one out to work on at home. The perfect craft stash is the one that is empty when the craft is done!
If you have little ones, paint, color, cut and glue with them. Let them use the “good” stickers. Drag out the pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and styrofoam balls. Make memories and have fun.

Remember to take pictures!

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