Friday, July 17, 2015

No Spend July Day 17: Homemaking Notebook

A basic homemaking notebook is a great tool to have. You can type up your daily chores and cleaning lists or find ones on-line that will work for you. You can include a calendar to list what needs done around the house on what days. A meal plan, a list of favorite meals, and shopping list are helpful to include. There are many seasonal things like garden chores, clothing lists, spring cleaning list, holiday plans, or info on household projects that can be added. A notebook and dividers are the basic supplies you need. A pencil pouch in the front can hold a pen and sticky notes. It doesn’t have to be fancy to be functional. Use what you have around the house to put together a notebook and add papers that you need to keep track of.

Do you have a homemaking binder? Would you benefit from one?

My office is currently in storage since I am in the process of redoing the floors and painting. This is the little cubby shelf that I'm using in my husband's office temporarily. I have two notebooks along with a stack of magazines and a basket of supplies that I wanted to have handy to use in my notebooks and my planner.

This is the box with my other notebooks that I have stored away but wanted to have easy access to them. I started with one homemaking notebook. As I continued to add things, it became full therefore I divided it into other needed notebooks. My favorite notebooks are my seasonal ones since that I plan holidays and other things related to the season. It’s very helpful over the years to be able to find the recipes and crafts that I like to make. My notebooks are a mix of stuff I've typed, printouts, and magazine pages. I decorated my notebooks with papers that I had on hand and typed the working. The only thing that I purchased specifically for my notebooks is the notebooks themselves, a pencil pouch, and a few supplies that I didn't already own multiples of like scissors. I like to be able to grab-n-go my notebooks if needed.

I collected many of my supplies that I already owned for my pouch. I do like to buy notepads and sticky notes at the dollar store or thrift stores. I like to take advantage of back to school sales to restock my supplies, buy page protectors, and dividers each year.

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