Monday, July 6, 2015

No Spend July Day 6: Small Home Projects

Most of us have a list of small projects that linger around or are on our list forever. It’s those little things that get put off that aren’t our higher priorities for the day. We wonder why they never seem to get done. They tend to nag at us and make us feel overwhelmed to have such a long list of simple things. They take a few minutes a piece or maybe an hour to do but in our busyness we put them off. They are things like hanging a picture, painting a shelf, or tightening a loose cabinet door. I encourage you to take a couple hours or a day to twiddle down your list.

What small projects can you do today?

On my list:
Change the light bulb in the kitchen.
Tighten screws on kitchen cabinets.
Oil hinges on kitchen cabinets.
Hang pictures in the living room.
Paint my office shelves.

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