Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Backyard Swing Sitting Area

This is our backyard sitting area. We put in the wood border, mulched in the area, and bought the swing 3 years ago. We bought the furniture last summer at a yard sale for $10 because it is the same as our front furniture except it has no end tables or coffee table. We painted it moss green to match the swing and got the cushions at Wal-Mart. The cushions are alot nicer than the front porch cushions we bought so when it is time to replace them we will go with the same style. The front cushions were $14.99 each and the back were $30 it is worth the difference in price.

I love sitting out here swinging in the evening with my family and many guest have enjoyed it also.

This is right after we set the furniture up for the summer. Notice how small the flowers in the pots are. My family thought I was crazy for only planting 4 single flowers from a six pack in each pot but I knew they would get larger over the summer. (The date is wrong on the photo)

These pictures are what it looks like right know.

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  1. Hi Jennie, it's my first time at OW, just wanted to say hi, your backyard swing area is really sweet. I love petunias, they can really fill a space out :)

  2. Hello from Canada
    We get eaten up by mosquitos if we sit outside. I also have a Brittany..she's now 20. I also have 2 boys, 18 & 16.
    Happy OW Jennie
    Love Claudie


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