Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Look in our Library Bag

Horse, Exercise, and Movies on DVD

Video Games for the boys

Baby Food
We have no babies coming in our home. My daughter Nastasja just wanted to read up on the topic for future reference.

My daughter Nastasja reading up on Goats & Chickens. Chickens maybe if we ever get a coop built but definately no goats.

The gardening books I picked up. I love to look at ideas for children's gardening they look like so much fun and they don't always the same type of projects in adult books.

Cookbooks because I love to see what I can find to make for my family.

Music Cd's my daughter Nastasja found interesting.
Scrapbooking is a small hobby of my girls and I. We don't do it alot but its fun.
Homemaking books because I do make a home for my loving family.

Yoga books because my girls and I attended a free Yoga class at the library and wanted more information.

Magazine's my daughter Brittany picked out.

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  1. That "Milkshakes" book is really nice (I saw that at our library) You've got quite a diverse amount of interest there!


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