Friday, July 3, 2009

Free Homeschool Curriculum on Lulu

Lulu has several free ebooks to download for homeschooing. Just click on the links provided to take you to each download page.

SOTW I Workbook Pages -- Two-Day-A-Week Format
This workbook is for homeschoolers using Story of the World, Volume I (revised edition) By Susan Wise Bauer--available from Peace Hill Press, following a history two-day-a-week schedule. These pages assume you already own the original book and Activity Guide—you must own these already to use these workbook pages. No copyrighted material from the original works is included. You may also want to have the Test Pages from Peace Hill Press.

Penguin Lapbook
This penguin lapbook has mini-folds that can be used with just about any book or Internet source, it is very versatile in the manner presented and information that can be put into any of the mini-folds.

Vivaldi Notebooking Page Free
This is a FREE PDF notebooking page focusing on Antonio Vivaldi.

Primer - Winter Picture Study

Primer-Autumn Picture Study

Primer - Spring Picture Study

Seasonal Artist Picture Study

Grammar Stage Memorization
This file contains Bible verses, Poems, History lists and Science and Geography facts for memorization during the grammar stage.

Copywork - Aesop's fables
The file contains a selection of copywork of the morals from Aesop's fables. The fables are those recommended in Year 1 of the Ambleside Online curriculum ( The fable is included before the copywork as a scanned page of Milo Winter's Aesop's fables (from There are writing lines after each piece of copywork.

South African History Primary School Level Living Books Reading List
This document contains a list of living books for the study of South African history at the primary school level. Unfortunately, most of these books for children are out of print.

Story of the Ancients Level YG
This is a classical homeschool history curriculum based on the recommendations of The Well-Trained Mind, designed to be open and go for teaching young grammar stage students.

Story of the Ancients Note Book
Note-booking and maps for Story of the Ancients classical homeschool curriculum, Level YG.

A comedy western for children, with characters such as Dixie the pantomime horse, Lollipop Lil and the Candy Cane Kid and our hero Jacob Stranger, a stranger in town...

Preschool Math Worksheets
Set of seven math worksheets for preschoolers.

My Frog Project
A workbook to use for a frog study.

Free Sheet of "Reward Bucks"
Download for free! Good behavior is worth more than a dozen bucks, it's priceless. This page can be cut into individual bills to be distributed for good behavior. Dole out generously, and watch your investment grow!

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