Thursday, October 8, 2015

“31 Day Purge” Week 1

I'm following along with the A Bowl Full of Lemons "The 31 Day Purge" I did this challenge last year Week 1 of the “31 Day Purge”.  I had a good time looking back at what I did and how much better each area looks this year. My after pictures last year and my before of this year is so much different. I’m doing the challenge this year for fun and to get closer to the end goal.

Day 1 Pantry:

Before & After: I didn't need to do anything with what I call my dinner pantry. It's were I store my rice, pasta, and beans. I haven't used many box mixes for several years but still had a collection last year at this time. I decide to slowly use them up, buy storage containers for what I use, and  not buy them anymore. It looks much better without all the packaging.

Day 2 Magazines:

Before: My magazine basket is looking empty since I purged 13 last week. I'm proud to say that I only have 7 magazines at this time. 

After: I decide that I will use my basket for my magazines, library books, and the current book I'm reading.

Day 3 Dressers:

I straightened up my closet and dresser drawers. They are in pretty good shape. It is amazing how much nicer my closet looks compared to last year. I found 1 thing to purge. I have bought and purged a few this past year.

Day 4 Toys: 

I organized my grandkids toys stored in the living room and purged 3 things. Our entertainment center has changed from last year and I had to store the 3rd tote in the upstairs hall closet. I need to go through that area on another day.

Day 5 Cleaners:

Before: I was disappointed to see that my before this year looks worse than my after last year. My daughter Nastasja has given us some cleaners so its looking overly full. I had put the basket that I was using for towels in storage. I decided to fix that problem.

After: I looks so much better. I purged a few things, reorganized, a put my towels back into the basket. I'll use up the cleaners over the next year.


Day 6 Make-up:

My make-up haven't changed much except my blush broke and I need to replace it. I really like having minimal make-up. 

Day 7 Shoes:

I have 23 pairs of shoes/boots. I have bought and purged a few this past year. I don't have any that I want to purge at this time.

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