Monday, October 26, 2015

Give to a Christmas Charity

Yesterday was October 25th which means 2 months before Christmas.

Bless a family this Holiday season with a donation. Please consider donating new items to a Christmas Charity for eligible needy families in your local area. Most Christmas Charities will provide 1-3 gifts plus any extra’s they receive such as clothing, hat & gloves, and book to children under 12 years old. I do encourage you to give in the older age category as a lot of people like to give to younger children. Due to the lack of age appropriate gift donations many Charities give gift cards to older children. There are many Christmas Charities that provide families with a food basket and will accept food donations, food gift certificates and gift card. Food Banks are in need of food donations and food gift certificates and gift card.

There are many families who don’t qualify or don’t apply for help with a Christmas Charity. Please consider donating used items to a local thrift store the same items listed minus gift cards and food. There are many families who can’t afford to buy new gifts and will buy and give used items from thrift stores for their gift giving. Your used items may be just what a family needs to provide Christmas for their children this year.

A List of Suggested Gifts: for Newborn-12 years
             Winter Clothing
             Hats & Gloves
             Shampoo, Lotions, Perfume, and Soaps
             Handheld Games
             Craft & Science Kits
             Cards & Board Games
             Sports Equipment
             Gift Cards
             Gift Wraps

Many Christmas Charities also provide for disabled adults and homebound seniors.

A List of Suggested Gifts:
             Robes, Slippers, and Sleepwear
             Hats & Gloves
             Shampoo, Lotions, Perfume, and Soaps
             Audio Books and Books
             Gift Cards
             Gift Wraps

My family and I along with a group of local homeschooled teens and their families have helped behind the scenes at our local Christmas Charity for 11 years. My husband and I was in charge for over 5 years of  organizing the volunteers to sorting gifts, packaging them up, and line them into family groups the week before distribution day for a Charity. Most people don’t realize the need or work involved to provide gifts to over 180 families in a single community.

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