Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Playing Catching Up

I haven’t got much done around the house since my grandson was in the hospital last week. I babysat my granddaughter while they were staying at the hospital. I visited/helped my daughter out with my grandson and helped clean her house when they got back home. Life kind of stopped for the emergency. He’s doing better and we are praying for a full recovery.
I’ve been reading through a stack of magazines that I want to purge. I haven’t had much time for anything longer. I’ve been able to keep up with the basic chores and have purged a few things. I need to sweep and vacuum the main level soon. I’ll start fall yard chores this week and put away the lawn furniture this weekend. I don’t have many plans right now.
My 19 yrs. son is moving his room around to fit a queen size bed. We got the bed set up last night. He is hanging some cube shelves on his walls. I’m washing 4 loads of laundry today which is all the clothing he owns. I’m washing his bedding too.
Our family is starting classes tonight for Dave Ramsey Financial Peace. We were able to talk the kids and their spouses into doing it at a local church together. It will be nice for the support, to all know where everyone stands, and to be headed toward a common goal.

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