Thursday, October 22, 2015

“31 Day Purge” Week 3

I'm following along with the A Bowl Full of Lemons "The 31 Day Purge" I did this challenge last year Week 3 of the “31 Day Purge”.

Day 15 Tupperware:

I didn't have any thing to purge but I did straighten up. I have a couple containers in the fridge too.

Day 16 Purses:

I don't have any purses or bags to purge although I did purge a few in the last year. All of my purges/bags are Vera Bradley. I do have a few coin purses and cosmetic bags that aren't. I keep this basket in my closet for the ones that I'm not currently using.

Day 17 Bedding:
We store our extra bedding and pillows in the cabinets above the closets in our living room. I organized them but didn't have any thing to purge. 

This is were I store my bedding bags.

I bought these bedding bags at the beginning of the year. Its hard to reach into the cabinet since its so high up and deep. The bags have been very helpful for me to just pull out the bag I want to use. The first bag has a quilt, 2 afghans, a sheet set, a pillow, and 2 small pillows. The second bag is for a queen size bed with a comforter, afghan, sheets, and two pillows.

The second cabinet has a crate for extra sheets and pillow cases. I store a few extra blankets and sleeping bags in this cabinet.


Day 18 Newspapers:

We don’t subscribe to any newspapers. I’ve already unsubscribed to online newsletters. 

Day 19 Kid’s Clothes:

My youngest is 19 yrs. so I don’t have kid’s clothes to do in my home anymore.

Day 20 Spices:

The cabinet I keep my spices and the spindle under it. I'm trying to use up the extra spices so that I only have a few in the cabinet. My youngest son got the spindle for me this past Mother's Day. I did purge any but I did clean and organize.

Day 21 Fridge Food:

I cleaned and purged older food items. Our young adult children live with us so not all of this food is ours.
(I'm sorry its not a good picture)

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