Monday, October 12, 2015

Cleaning Zone 1: Porches and Storage Areas

Cleaning Zones
1.       Cleaning Zone 1: Porches and Storage Areas
2.       Cleaning Zone 2: Kitchen/Dining Room and Laundry Room
3.       Cleaning Zone 3: Bathroom and Offices
4.       Cleaning Zone 4: Bedrooms and Closets
5.       Cleaning Zone 5: Living Room and Family Room

Cleaning Zone1

Porches and Storage Areas- Detailed Cleaning List

Front Porch
  1. Sweep Porch/ Stairs and Cobwebs
  2. Wipe off tables, banisters, and light fixtures
  3. Clean porch furniture
  4. Throw Away Dead Plants/ Repot As Needed
  5. Clean Decorations/ Discard unwanted items
  6. Add Personal Touches (Wreath, Mat, Wind chimes)

Back Porch
  1. Sweep Concrete
  2. Clean Chairs & Swing
  3. Clean Grill/ Cover
  4. Refill bird feeders

  1. Organize Kitchenware Shelves
  2. Organize Health and Beauty Shelves
  3. Organize Office Supplies
  4. Organize Wrapping Center
  5. Organize File Cabinet
  6. Organize Food Shelves
  7. Organize Seasonal Stored Items
  8. Organize Tools
  9. Sweep Floor
  10. Discard Unneeded Items

  1. Organize & Discard Kids Toys/ Bikes
  2. Sweep Out Loft
  3. Sweep Down Walls
  4. Sweep Concrete Floor
  5. Organize Stored Items
  6. Organize Potting Table & Cabinet
  7. Clean Out/ Refill Bird Seed Box
  8. Discard Unneeded Items

  1. Sweep Down Walls
  2. Clean Floor
  3. Organize Tools/ Shelves
  4. Clean Out Cabinets
  5. Discard Unneeded Items

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