Thursday, October 29, 2015

Our Financial Wins for October

The week of: October 3-9
My husband and I discussed a few finance articles that we had each read the last couple days on Sunday and Monday. We started our FPU class on Tuesday. We spend time going over lesson 1 before the class since we missed the 1st class due to a family emergency. We had our budget meeting on Wednesday since Thursday is payday. We wrote out all our bills and mailed them. My husband brought home cash yesterday and I filled our envelopes today. My husband made $100 on overtime so we added it to our BS1 account instead of into our budget. Its small steps but it’s a change for us. 

The week of:  October 10-16
I forgot to keep track of this week.

The week of:  October 17-23
We attended our Tuesday night FPU class, did our FPU lessons, and had a budget meeting. We have decided to put the rent our young adult children pay us (If/When) monthly toward paying off our car loan of $3617. We’ve decide any ebay profits will go toward our medical debts and car loan. We got our credit reports, called on a few medical debts that we had paid off but aren’t showing paid on credit report, called on a medical bill that was paid through payroll deduction but somehow they didn’t have it recorded as paid and turned us into collection. We decide to not renew my husband’s critical illness and short term disability policies and instead add the premium amount of $62 monthly toward to the payroll deductions to pay our medical bills faster. My husband has worked it out with one of the doctors to teach him how to do stuff on his computer in return for our bill of $234. We haven’t spent on anything other than gas and groceries this pay period besides our bills, and we made it two weeks doing envelopes and are starting on our next two weeks.

The week of:  October 24-30
We had a budged meeting and filled our envelopes. I made a list of everything that needs done for my stepdad’s medical and financials. I organized our insurance statements paperwork and matched them up to a couple medical bills. I organized files/papers for our medical insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, and retirement account. My husband and I went over everything when he got home and will follow up on a few things. I worked on our Google budget to subtract debts that are paid and completed the debt snowball form. My husband talked to the finance office on a few medical bills. We attended our FPU class, did our FPU lessons, and had a budget meeting. I updated our google budget to subtract a few more medical bills and went over the ones my husband talked to finance office about. I studied up on life insurance and reviewed our polices. My husband and I talked about everything I learned and looked over everything together. I spend time reading the Complete Guide to Money and organizing our bill box.

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