Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Week 1 of the “31 Day Purge”

I'm following along with the A Bowl Full of Lemons “31 Day Purge".

Day 1 Pantry:

I organized, cleaned, and purged food my kitchen cabinets, fridge, and freezer. I had a few things that went to the garbage and a few to be donated.

I have been trying to use up the meat in our freezers and our pantry food since this time last year. I've only been buying fresh food and anything we run out of. Yes, We had that much food to get us through a year. The kids buy a lot of their own food now so what we purchase is lasting longer. I really wanted to make sure that we didn't have food going bad or expiring. I decide last year to see how long we could go using what we had. We still have a large amount of canned veggies, boxed pastas, and bags of rice/beans. We have at least 2 months worth of meat left but it was purchased this year. I cleaned, organized, and purged my kitchen cabinets in August. I cleaned, organized, and purged my basement food storage in September. I'm changing the food storage containers I use slowly to Rubbermaid since some of the seals are lose on my older containers.

Day 2 Magazines:

I'm purging a stack of health magazines. I have about 85 magazines left that I want to read first. I plan to read at least 10 magazines per week for the month of October to get my stack under control.

I like magazine and only get one free subscription. I buy used magazines at a thrift store 12 for $1 and limit myself to only buying that amount. My son's girlfriend ordered a large amount of free magazines several months ago but tired of them quickly. I'm keeping the ones I would normally buy and saving money. They’re starting to pile up since I haven't read any for awhile.

Day 3 Dressers:

I straightened up my closet and dresser drawers today. They are in pretty good shape and only found 1 thing to purge. I did purge 5 clothing items earlier this week.

Day 4 Toys: 

I organized my grandkids toys today but didn't have any to purge.

Day 5 Cleaners:

I organized my cleaning products but didn't have anything to purge. I am thankful that my husband put up the grocery bag holder and paper towel holder in the basement. The towel holder is new and bag holder used to sit on the shelf.  We are mostly paper free and have been for over 10 yrs. but we keep some paper products around if needed. I like that they are out of the way and organized.

Day 6 Make-up:

I decided to organize my purse, make-up box, skin care bag, nail care bag, travel toiletries bag, toiletry basket, hair tools basket, fragrances, jewelry, and vitamins. I went through everything in May, purged unneeded items, and bought new. It was a few seconds touch up to each area. I organized but didn't have anything to purge. I did give one of my unused fragrances to my daughter a week ago. In my make-up box I have a blush, eye shadow, mascara, eye liner pencil, and 3 gloss lipsticks. I don't wear make-up unless its date night or something special since I have eczema and sensitive skin. I don't have much make-up or products but I like to keep what I have organized.

Day 7 Shoes:

I looked through my shoes in my shoe rack and I have 22 pairs of shoes/boots. I didn’t find anything I’m ready to purge. I have worn every pair of Spring/Summer shoes this year except 2 pairs of light brown shoes. I haven’t worn any of the fall/winter shoes yet this season and a few are newer thrift store finds. I plan to make the effort to wear all my fall/winter shoes and then toss the ones that I don’t like or aren’t comfortable.

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