Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Stationary Love

I have a few nice notebooks/ journals/binders. It’s hard to resist buying new stationary products at back to school and before the New Year. I would never buy anything for myself during those times for so many years because I needed to buy for 4 children. As they started graduating I’ve felt freer to buy what I wanted. We homeschooled and have graduated all 4 of ours now. 

I got into collecting planners and cute stationary about 4 years ago and joined several Facebook groups with other paper addicts. LOL I limit myself to one planner that I order from DaySpring at back to school time, along with $20 or less of paper pads, notebooks, pens, stickers, washi tape, or other embellishments. I’ve resisted buying at the New Year by getting all my notebooks and supplies out to use instead to plan and play. Wal-Mart has really thick notebooks in the stationary area for $13 that I’ve wanted to get but resisted cause I haven’t figured out what to use it for. LOL My collection is relatively small compared to others I’ve seen. I do plan to share in more details at another time each area of stationary.

My Notebooks/Journals

My Small Stationary.  The little cabinet has washi tape, notepads, and pens. The blue wrap has a small collection of stationary for on the go. The green bird box has small letter rubber stamps, pens, notepads, and stamps.

 My printer paper, lined paper, card stock,index cards, and other types of papers.

My stickers organized in accordion folders.

A little tote for flags and notepads.

My collection of stationary that I plan to use for the season.

I keep a pocket in each of my notebooks for a small amount of stationary. Its themed for the particular notebook. This helps me to plan on the go or in whatever room I want. This is my fall notebook collection.

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