Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Our Holiday Plans

Autumn- I’ll make a couple seasonal desserts for family dinner using what I have. I’m thinking pumpkin dump cake, turtle brownies and caramel apples as a family project.

Halloween- My children are grown and we’ve decided as a family that the grandkids won’t celebrate. No expense.

Thanksgiving- I’ll make the dinner but will ask the kids to each pitch-in to provide a side or dessert. Our entertainment will be to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, watch Hallmark movies, and play board games. The last Sunday of November our family is going to the zoo for their winter lights display, provided free from my husband’s work. We’ll buy a turkey and a small amount of perishables; otherwise we’ll use what we have.

Black Friday- Our annual lazy, watch movies, and eat leftovers day. No shopping.

Christmas- I’ll make the dinner but will ask the kids to each pitch-in to provide a side or dessert. I’ll start picking up a couple things like crackers, pickles, and canned goods each time I go grocery shopping to stretch out the expense. The girls and I will have a couple baking days and crafting days with supplies we already own between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’ll make candies to give to everyone and use packing that I already own. I’m making homemade monogrammed cards for my girls. We do a name draw for gifts so I’ll need to buy for one person, our youngest son, and my husband. My husband and I will take our grandkids someplace fun for a 3 ½ yrs. & 22 months old for their gift and I’ll do a few crafts with them over the season. I’m budgeting $200 for Christmas food and gifts.

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