Thursday, September 10, 2009

Apple Wreath Redo

I bought this wreath at the thrift store last week for $2.00. I liked the heart shape and the apple picks but they were falling off. I knew I could redo it and it would be well worth the cost of the wreath. I already had the brown ribbon and the tools to put the wreath together so there were no additional costs. I like my new fall wreath now that it is completed.


The Parts

Putting it together



  1. This looks really pretty, I love the shape of the wreath

  2. You did a wonderful job! It looks very pretty on your door :-)

    It is still sunny and 80 degrees in IL; I'm not yet ready to break out the Autumn decor, but I know it will be soon! Today we go to an indoor water park for my baby's 16th bday...Caribbean themed...I'm still summering, LOL!

    Have a nice weekend, may God Bless you!
    LKori (aka Plans4You)

  3. Great makeover.

    Here no-one really decorates their door unless it is Christmas.

    Maybe I need to start a new trend!

  4. Oh, that's so pretty! You're reminding me to change the wreath on my front door... Great job!

    I bought a wooden wreath from the thrift store for $2, and it's awaiting my magic paint, lol. I love deals like these, don't you?

    Have a lovely weekend!
    Shani @ Happiest at Home

  5. Great re-do. I love the brown ribbon with it!


  6. That is sooooooooooo beautiful ! I want to make one for my red welcoming door now ! Thank you for joining. I love to see what you are up to. [0=

    Blessings in Him<><

  7. Wow! That looks great. I love the brown ribbon on it. I need to re-do my wreath now.

  8. What a great makeover! It was looking a bit sad before and it looks really great now.

  9. This is precious!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. Beautiful! I love what you did with your find. Thanks for sharing!


  11. Oh my goodness! Could you send me one? I have NO eye for decorating. :(


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