Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Try Tablespoon.com, a new website where General Mills has posted more than 25,000 of its best kitchen-tested recipes, all in one place!

Tablespoon features simple recipes from well-known brands like Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, Bisquick and Progresso. It´s easy to find a recipe - you can browse categories (course, ingredient, occasion or theme), get recipe recommendations, check out popular recipe collections, or use the easy search filters to find the perfect recipe.

You also can tweak, or `version,´ any recipe on the site to make it your own and then share it with friends. Plus, you can often find more than $100 a month in grocery coupons and sign up for a weekly email newsletter.

Be one of the first to visit http://www.tablespoon.com/.You´re bound to find a delicious new idea for dinner tonight!
Happy eating!

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