Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Recycled Sweater Pumpkin

This is my inspiration photo of some knitted pumpkins. Since I don't know how to knitt I used the photo to give me a idea of how to use old sweaters to make some cute little pumpkins. I used free sweaters and supplies I had at home.
Orange Sweater
Green Sweater
Embroidery Thread
Green Felt
Fiber Fill
Brown Buttons
Tacky Glue
Craft Stick

Cut the arms off the orange sweater and use a plate to cut out a circle of fabric.

Cut a strip for the stem.

Sew around the circle and then pull the thread to form the ball of the pumpkin. Put fiber fill into the pumpkin. Sew the green fabric along the edges. Poke the green stem into the top hole of the pumpkin. Cut out a leaf shape from felt and glue it to the front of the pumpkin. Make a bow with twine and glue on top of the leaf. Glue a button on top of the bow.

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