Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Lent: #7 of 40 Days of Projects

I technically didn't spend any money on this project. The art piece is new but was free and the milk glass candy dish I purchased without having a decided place to display. I would have bought it anyways. Once I got it home I decide it's go well in the bathroom.

I've had this print in my bathroom for 4 years now. I had bought it at the Dollar General. I was tired of it and wanted something different. I had been looking for something that would replace it and match my bathroom for a couple months and hadn't found anything.

On Thursday evening I went to a free craft class at the Library. We each create an art piece with a canvas, pre-cut teardrop and circle shapes from scrapbook paper, and mini buttons. We used decoupage to adhere the scrapbook paper and a layer onto protect it along with adding the buttons. This was my art piece that I created to go with my bathroom and replace the other one.

I tore the backing off, took the insert picture out, cut and added a piece of scrapbook paper for a background, added my art canvas, and put the backer piece back on.

This is my previous shelf and decor in the bathroom. 

This is my art piece in the bathroom on the self with decor items. I added the two milk glass candy jars instead of my previous decor. I did buy the hobnail milk glass this past weekend for $20 at the thrift store. The bird milk glass I've had for several years and it was purchased thrifting too. I think it all look really good together and lightens up the bathroom a bit.

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