Saturday, March 9, 2019

Lent: #4 of 40 Days of Projects

I don't do Pinterest very often maybe every couple months but I had a few interests that I wanted to create a few boards for. I created a Seasonal- Camping Meals,  Food- Meals on the Go,  and Food- Mocktails for my husband and I to use while camping. We like to eat breakfast in the camper and pack ourselves a lunch before we go do things for the day. We haven't been as good about making ourselves dinner and have eaten out too much. We plan to change that this year. I thought the mocktails would be fun since we do tend to go back to the camper in the evening by 8:00 take a shower and watch a movie. Our goal this year is to spend less money while camping and to do more activities in the campground and state park. We tend to go to events and museums and such on Saturday's while camping. We do enjoy it but it does cost a bit more and we've found we do the campground and state park stuff less if we leave the park for the day. So I'm making plans to help us to achieve our camping goals of eating out less and enjoying the parks more.

I love my hobbies and a few I'm considering turning into a crafty business so I create a few boards of things that I'd like to make to possible sell such as Hobbies- Wreaths and Hobbies- Journal Charms. I have a few older board that I may be getting some ideas from too, mostly the Hobbies- Junk Journal/Scrapbook and Hobbies- Journal Cards boards. I did move a few links from other board to these board since they are narrowed down more. I'm just collecting ideas for now but would like to start creating things to sell soon.

I deleting two boards, Seasonal- RV Camping and Health- Essential Oils. I had moved a couple links around to other boards and these ended up empty so I deleted them. They are boards that I'd possibly create again but for now they are gone.

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