Thursday, March 21, 2019

Lent: #14 of 40 Days of Projects

I bought this little bag at the thrift store to use for washing lingerie.  After getting it home I realized it had a hole in the side. I sewed it up and it's ready to use.

I bought this swimsuit thrifting a couple years ago and really like the colors and fit. The hook on the back broke last year but I couldn't find the part to fix it and I was worried about taking it apart. Well I decide it was time to fix it or toss it. I decide to fit it since I like it so much and it's hard to find swimsuits that I like. 

I went to the thrift store and bought a bikini top that had parts that I could reuse. I cut the parts off it. I needed 1 part but I'm saving the others in my parts box in casue I need another later.

I used a seem riper to take the seam apart, added the new part, and sewed it up. I hope my sewing hold up for a couple more years of use.

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