Sunday, March 17, 2019

Artist Trading Cards: Part 4

I'm working on my set of  ATC's with index cards for the 4th time. I still have a 5 more to do before I'll have the index card stack completed. My original posts were I share my stack of cards are Artist Trading Cards: Part 1  Artist Trading Cards: Part 2, and Artist Trading Cards: Part 3. I used magazine collage on these cards, pen, and washi tape on 3 of them. I did a lot more cards than my last times making them.

These from left to right are called, Water Ways, Chick Chick Baby,  Pinwheel, Buzzin' Around, Caught in a Net, and Yellow Canoe.

Sing High, Summer Berry, Flower Hats, Orange Butterfly, Full of Hot Air, and Up in the Clouds.

 Beach Babe, Getaways. Stitched Bird, Country Birdhouse, Birdhouse, and Home.

Spring Flowers, Orange, Stage Coach, and Home Bird.

Christmas Vase, I feel like a butterfly!, Grape Excape, and Grape Harvest.

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