Friday, April 29, 2011

52 Weeks: #17 Serving Size Snacks

I made serving size snack packs with snacks from my pantry that was already opened along with snack size baggies. I had made some pretzel packs for my husband to take to work with him last week and he asked me to make more with other snacks too.  The container was in the basement unused and now it holds all the baggies.
I wrote the serving size, type of snack, and calorie count on each baggie and he can take however many he needs. This will help him to be aware of serving sizes and calories but feel that he can control how many baggies he wants to eat. I am sure others in the house will eat some of them too when they need a snack on the go. This saves money by using what we have, not buying premade packs, and avoiding the temptation of vending machines.

Serving Size, Type of Snack, and Calorie Count

16 Waffle Pretzels 110 Cal.
24 Special K Savory Herb Crackers 120 Cal.
24 Special K Multigrain Crackers 120 Cal.
19 Animal Crackers 120 Cal.
2 Chocolate Chip Cookies 130 Cal.
16 Wheat Thins 140 Cal.
8 sq. Cinnamon Graham Crackers 140 Cal.
24 White Cheddar Crackers 150 Cal.
4 Shortbread Cookies 150 Cal.

What I suggest is one snack pack serving along with a serving of fruit. This is the kind of snack that I eat in the afternoon or yogurt and fruit. I then have a dessert type snack or the same in the evening. It would be roughly 200-250 calories per snack if you did this.

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  1. I've actually thought about doing that for my kids, but I am afraid they'd eat everything in one day!

  2. That's a great idea:) Keep up the good work!


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