Wednesday, April 6, 2011

52 Weeks: #14 Breakfast, Snacks, and Baking

The top cabinet doors are the breakfast, snacks, and baking supplies in the bottom cabinet is the paper goods and menu planning stuff.

The door you can't see very well that is blocked by our refrigerator and freezer leads to my bedroom. Don't worry we have another door in the hall before you go upstairs that we use for the bedroonm. The other door with the bird wreath, that I made, leads to the basement.

I forgot to take a before picture of my project so this picture is after I had cleared off the bottom self. This cabinet is called a butler's pantry because it has doors that open to the back and front. You can see the doors on the back of the empty self. We do not use the back doors to the shelves or everything would be falling out.

The bottom shelf is our breakfast shelf, this is after everything was put back after I cleaned and organized.

This is everything removed from the middle shelf which is our snack foods.

We had entirely too many marshmallows on the snack shelf opened and most were stale or gummy. They went into the garbage along with the chocolate animal crackers that nobody wants to eat.

This is the baking stuff that is not going back onto the self. The baking soda and soy flour went to the garbage because they were expired. The angel food cake, brownie mix, and white chocolate bark went to the baking shelf in the basement.

This is everything back on the shelves after it was decluttered, cleaned, and organized. It still looks alittle too crowded but it is good food and is opened so it stays on the shelves. I just won't add anything new until some of it gets eaten. I must say that by the next evening a good amount of the chips that weren't very full had been eaten. I guess everything looked more appealing after the stuff was decluttered and organized.

On the lower cabinets are our paper goods and cookbooks, cooking notebooks, coupon box, and cooking magazines which I cleaned and reorganized as well. The menu planning stuff needs alot more work but that is a project for another day since it looks good enough for now.

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