Tuesday, April 26, 2011

52 Weeks: #17 China Cabinet

I reorganized and cleaned the china cabinet.



Before view with the door closed.

I doesn't looks too different but I think it looks a little less cluttered with the door closed in the after picture.

This is what it looks like now with the door open.

The right drawer had a lot of stuff in it before I organized it. I moved the candles to my candle storage in the basement. The seed packets went to the shed with the planting stuff. The ribbon went to the ribbon box in my little office. The spice jars got bagged and stored in another cabinet until I decide to use them. And the bird ornaments I made a couple years ago got rehung in my kitchen.

This is after cleaning out the drawer. I plan to hang some plates over the main wall in my kitchen so the hangers should get used soon.

This is the before picture of the right drawer. I keep our most frequently used cloth napkins and a prayer book and cards in this drawer.


This is the linen before I reorganized.

This is after I removed all the candles and straightened up the linen.

This is the decor on the top of the china cabinet.

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