Friday, February 25, 2011

52 Weeks: #8 Office Tablescapes

This is what my office looked like a couple weeks ago before I decluttered it. To see my post about Organizing My Office click on the link. You can see the little tablescape I have in the window and on the small bookshelf in the corner of the desk before the declutter.

After I cleaned up my office I put together this tablescape in the window rearranging and using what I already had.

I wasn't sure that it was completely what I wanted and I thought it look too heavy and pink. I went to Walmart and found a flower bush that had red Hydrangeas in it for $1. I cut off one of the Hydrangea stems and rearranged things a little.

I wanted to include a tablescape on my desk also so I used a plate that I had in the kitchen, the green flower pot with candies, and a small cardinal that I got for 50 cents at the thrift store.

The flower arrangement was one my daughter had in her room that she put in a bag to be donated, it had a fairy pick in it. I took the fairy pick out of the arrangement and added one of the Hydrangea blooms.

It was fun rearranging and adding a few new thing and it only cost me $1.50 and I still have an almost full bush of flowers to use for something else.

I like to change up my decorations, move things around and buy a few new things to perk up the house every now and then. It brings a smile to my face when I walk by and see the changes and the extra attention I have given to my space. I usually don’t spend much or nothing at all just a few changes to make me feel good and this little redo hit the spot.
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  1. Very pretty and peaceful.

  2. I've been so hyper-focused on decluttering that I haven't really done any decorating yet. Thanks for the idea!


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