Friday, February 18, 2011

52 Weeks: #7 Office Bookshelves

The bookshelves in my office hold craftbooks and notebooks. They are pretty organized but there were a lot of books that I don't need or use anymore and they were overfull.

This is before the purge.

These are the items that I collected off the shelves that will get boxed and donated.

These books will go in another locations in the house.

 This is what the shelves look like after I took off all the things I didn't need any more. I also rearranged my categories a little.

My Categories:

Top Shelf: (L-R) Country Style Crafts, Fabric Crafts, Drawing, and Kids Crafts
Middle Shelf: (L-R) General Crafts, Soapmaking, and Papercrafts
Bottom Shelf: (L-R) Seasonal Notebooks, Personal Interests Notebook, and Homemaking Notebook

So far in my organizing adventures this year I have not purchased or been tempted to purchase anything. But I do have a few things I would like to get for the kitchen when I move on to that area of the house.
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