Friday, February 4, 2011

52 Weeks: #5 Magazine Storage

This will be my second organizing project for this week since I organized my office I decided to deal with my magazines too. I have way too many magazines that need to be dealt with. I have gotten most of them for free at the Clothes Closet, or my husband brings them home from work. I have also bought some from yard sales or thrift stores and even some are from free subscriptions.
When I first get them I pile them on my desk in my office but it quickly becomes too many and I have to find a place to store them in my office so now I have several places in my office I store them. After that piles up for a couple months then I have to take them to my magazine storage in the basement. My magazine storage needs to be twiddled down since it is too big.

I collected all the magazines in my office and put them in a box in my basement. This takes care of cleaning up my office and I am determined not to have more than 10 magazines in my office from now on if I have more that come in they will go directly to storage.

Office Before:

Collected on the table from all the spot in my office before I box them up in the basement. That is a lot of magazine to store in my small office. No wonder I felt overwhelmed by them.

My New Rules for Magazines

New Magazines:

1. I will not buy or collect any more magazines until I have my collection under control. This does not include my husband bring them home so I plan to deal with them within a day or two.

2. I will not have more than 10 magazines in my office at a time if I have more they go directly to storage.

3. These will go into the top draw of my desk until I am done reading them, cutting them, filing articles etc. which I plan to do within a week of getting them.

Stored Magazine:

1. I will deal with the ones in my office first but if I have those under control I will pick 10 magazines from the basement to read or get rid of each week.

2. I will get my magazine collection down by at least half by the end of the year. I currently have 6 boxes in the basement.

3. If I get to the end of the year and haven’t gotten my collection down to half I will donate a box or two to make up for the difference.

Office After:

Basement Storage Before:

Basement Storage After:

The irony of all of this is that after I completed cleaning up the magazine in my office and decided on a plan to manage them my husband brought 10 magazines home the next day.

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  1. O'my you have a LOT of magazines! I have stopped getting them in the mail, unless I get them free. I go to the library and then just bring them back. Gook luck cutting them in half;)

  2. Magazines reproduce! I gave them up too!

  3. I really like how you laid out a plan of how to keep the magazines under control going forward. Nice! I recently went through my biggest collection of magazines and I am now working on the miscellaneous ones people gave me. You can see how I solved the problem here:


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