Friday, February 11, 2011

52 Weeks: #6 Magazine Organization

Last week I took the magazines in my office to the Magazine Storage  in the basement. Afterwards I decided that I couldn't wait to get rid of some of the magazine and organize them. This project took a couple hours to complete but I am pleased with the results. I still plan to weed through them each week and cut the number by half before the end of the year.

Magazine Storage Before

This is the beginning process of sorting the magazines into groups.

This is the start of the discard pile.

This is when I started boxing them up.

This is all the discarded Magazine boxed and ready to be dropped off at the Clothes Closet.

Magazine Storage After
These are the magazines that I am keeping all boxed up. Notice that I still have 6 boxes but that they are not over flowing like before.

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