Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Eat That Frog! Part 3

This month I'm working on FROG’s; you know those things that you tend to procrastinate on. I’m trying to do one per day in January.


Day 13: My FROG was to clean the whole main level of our home. I had put off doing the floors for a week and washing dishes for a day. It needed it. Thanks to purging so much and resetting to zero, what felt like a mess to me wasn’t that bad. 

Day 14: My FROG was to get my calendar in my homemaking notebook filled in and decorated. It took a couple hours but I was able to get it finished. I used my planner from last year to help give ideas, reused stickers, and washi tape. I decided not to buy a planner this year; instead I am using a notebook that I decorated to write my daily stuff into along with my notebooks calendar. I filled in my family wall calendar too. I enjoyed going through my old planner to see everything that I did from last year.

Day 15: My FROG was to clean my office. I organized and purged our vehicle files. I moved a few things to my husband’s office filing cabinet since they are used in that location. I returned my childhood album to my album tote in the basement. I purged packaging from my snacks and organized them in my drawer. I had a few post-it notes that I transferred the info to lists in my Notebooks. I reused some of the washi tape from my old planner in my new one. Basically, I did a bunch of small office tasks. 

Day 16: My FROG was to organize and purge my errand bag. Boo, I did it a day late and had to toss my grocery coupons. I collect anything I need to return to a store, or the library, or give to someone in my errand bag during the week. I use my bag to collect the same types of things to bring home. I did a bunch of other daily type chores. My husband worked on sanding our exercise room. We went shopping and out to dinner before coming home to watch a Hallmark movie.  

Day 17: My FROG was to put the last of the groceries away from Friday. I had bought a bunch of holiday cake mix stuff on clearance. I like to stock up on that type of thing for easier Sunday dinners since I cook for 11 people. I’ve gotten lazy with making homemade desserts and often use a box mix. I’m not as temped to eat the box stuff. I used up a bunch of veggies in the fridge to make a vegetable soup for lunches this week. I cleaned out the hall closet; this was my second time taking things out of the closet this week. I had my grandkids things in the closet but my sewing and some guest room stuff got moved their a couple months ago. My daughter and her husband are using the guest room where the stuff had been stored in the closet. I decided it was time to let a few things go and make the closet more usable. My husband worked on sanding the exercise room again. We didn’t have family Sunday dinner today so in the evening I read and we watch Hallmark movies. 

Day 18: My FROG was to cut down a 2010 calendar to fit into my Cooking Notebooks. I got this calendar for free a long time ago and had planned to use it for decoration to divide sections. I had attempted to do this project a couple time but never finished. The problem is that no matter how I cut the calendar pages it doesn’t fit. I haven’t been willing to let go of the idea, because I really like the pictures and the scripture. I decide to just do the best I could to cut it to fit and put the pages in my Notebooks. I may end up tossing the calendar pages later but for now I just needed to complete the project and get it off my list. It’s not perfect but it’ll do. It’s one step closer to having my Cooking Notebooks be what I envision them to be.

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