Monday, January 25, 2016

Eat That Frog! Part 4

This month I'm working on FROG’s; you know those things that you tend to procrastinate on. I’m trying to do one per day in January.


Day 19: My FROG was to have a Pamper day. I haven’t done one since before Thanksgiving. Of course, I’ve done the basics but haven’t taken the extra time or painted my nails. I took a nice hot shower, gave myself a manicure, and a pedicure. I relaxed with my book and hot tea since it’s a cold winter day.

Day 20: My FROG was to do a little fluffing of my home. I decide to do a nicer tablescape today. I have a big potted plant, evergreen, and primrose. I decided to group them on the table instead of separate places in my kitchen. I used a table runner that I typically use in the fall, along with a tray and snowman figurine from my Christmas tote. I think it makes for a more put together look in the kitchen. 

My 2nd FROG was in my office. I worked in the January section of my Winter Notebook. I purged a few pages, moved a few things around, updated my list of projects, and made sure a few things were getting done. I spend time reading a few books that I’ve been putting off. I love to read fiction and have no problem reading 3-5 books a month. I tend to put off the non-fiction books that I would like to read for self-improvement. I don’t want to miss the opportunity to read good books by having to return them to the library before I’m able to finish. I have 4 non-fiction books going right now. I’ve been reading 2 of them most of this month and started the other two today. I’m getting quite a bit of office tasks checked of my list this month. 

Day 21: My FROG was to work through chapters 1 & 2 of How to blog for Profit by Ruth Soukup. There is an Action Plan at the end of each chapter that I’m working through. I made a map for main theme, subtopics, and categories as suggested in chapter 1. I’ve done this before but wanted to do a new one. In chapter 2 I created an editorial calendar. I’ve done this before but needed one for 2016. I worked on my blog too. This project lead to organizing my files & folders on my computer. It further had me working on my Homemaking Notebook, Interest Notebook, Cooking Notebook, and Winter Notebook. I purged a small stack of papers. I felt like I was working down a rabbit hole, but it’s all good. My husband and I discussed the direction and possible updates to my blog. He did a backup of my computer files too. Good thing it was office today because I got a lot done. 

Day 22: My FROG was to update my blog by changing the background and template. It took several hours to fix everything once the template was changed. It was frustrating but I’m happy to have it done. The best part is that my blog has better tabs to pages and sharing ability to social media. I will need to update a few other areas but its good for now.

Day 23: My FROG was to work on several posts for my blog. My husband did the last of the sanding for our exercise room. I helped clean up the supplies. We washed the walls and floor. It took us a couple hours. The next step is to apply several coats of Shellac and sand between coats. We are hoping to move everything into the room at the beginning of February. We have to be diligent this week to get it done.  

Day 24: My FROG was to organize our first aid supplies. My husband put the first coat of Shellac on the floor in the exercise room. We had Sunday family dinner and hung out. I did a craft and played with my grandchildren. 

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