Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Eat That Frog! Part 2

This month I'm working on FROG’s; you know those things that you tend to procrastinate on. I’m trying to do one per day in January. 


Day 7: My FROG was organizing and purging my Decorating, Gardening, and Inspirational Notebooks. I was able to purge the last couple file folders from my file cabinet in my little office. I condensed down enough that I was able to fit the info I needed into my Decorating Notebook. My Decorating Notebook is where I keep my ideas that I want to do around my home. It is slowly progressing as I finish redoing rooms to a place to keep all my paint samples, receipts, and tags instead of my file drawer. I filled in the calendar for our motivation board with the Shape 30 day slim down challenge. I organized my pots and pans cabinet too.  


Day 8: My FROG was organizing and purging my 2 bible study notebooks. I have 15 Notebooks in my office with 3 more to go. 

Day 9: The FROG was to sand the wood floor in our exercise room. My husband was able to complete most of it before he ran out of sandpaper. I didn’t end up helping. I spent a few hours with my 24 yrs. daughter. We went to a cake shop and out to dinner. My husband and I did the weekend offline challenge. I spent most of my time reading and watched 2 Hallmark movies in the evening with my husband.


Day 10: My FROG was to print some preschool workbook pages for my 3 ½ yrs. granddaughter. I’m very happy that I finally stopped putting it off and got quite a bit printed. My granddaughter completed 2 sections of the workbook which was about 12 pages. I ended up sending 4 sections home with her to do. I have enough printed that she will have some for next time to do and take home. I’m going to need more printer paper. Sunday was my husband’s Birthday and we had a nice family dinner and celebration. We completed the weekend offline challenge.

Day 11: My FROG was to straighten up and purged my kitchen cabinets. I brought canned vegetables upstairs to restock from the basement food storage. I’ve collected 6 things to purge over the last 6 days. 

My second round for today! My FROG was that my husband moved our entire bug out bags, get home bags, first aide, and miscellaneous camping gear up to our bedroom. We planned to sort, purge, and organize. Once it was all in our room we took everything out of all the totes/bags and sorted into categories. Our categories were heat, food prep, and tools. We sorted each category and made sure there was three of everything. We are creating first. We temporarily put a set of supplies into three backpack which will be our bug out bags. The supplies for the get home bags were put in a tote to deal with later. The supplies for camping were put in a different tote. We made a list of everything we need to buy for our bug out bags. We backed everything up until another day. We are going to a Prepfest at the end of the month. This will help us to be ready to make a few purchases. We had wanted to better organized supplies for a long time. Everything we decided to purge was loaded into the car for donation.

Before Sorting:

After Sorting and Purge: 
We aren't finished so this will be a multi-day FROG project. 

Day 12: My husband paid off the last of our 2014 and 2015 medical bills yesterday. Woohoo!!! My FROG today was to organize and purge the files of our unneeded 2014 & 2015 medical bills, medical insurance statements, receipts, and medical spending account requests. It did take awhile to sort through everything. I did our monthly bills and purged some of my dad’s paperwork too. Payday is Thursday and I have the bills ready to mail. I worked on my blog today too. I'm ahead of the game this week since I usually do my office day tasks on Thursdays. Just paper purging today!

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