Monday, January 11, 2016

My Prayer Box

I made myself a Prayer box. I'm reading Fervent by Priscilla Shirer. It's the book that the movie the War Room is based on. I wanted something portable but didn't want another notebook since I have a collection already.

The book and my Prayer Box.

The inside of my prayer box. I have a tea box that I covered in contact paper, a pen, pages from a small daily bible verse calendar, and a printable 31 Prayer For Our Husbands. I made the 31 Prayer printable from Time Warp Wife about a year ago.

I used the Daily Dwelling post Personalized Prayer Journal topics of prayer ideas for my cards.

I made 10 cards sections of topics for prayer:
1. Scripture
2. Praise
3. Self
4. Husband
5. Children
6. Friends
7. Family
8. Church
9. Neighbors
10. Reaching Beyond
The areas of concern are:

Holiness, Mercy, Faithfulness, Patience, Holy Spirit, Forgiveness, Love, Calvary, Deliverer, Heavenly Father, Friend, Counselor, Healer, Provider, Peace, Comforter, Blood, Power, Hope, and Coming Again

Wisdom, Wife Role, Mother Role, Marriage, Words, Thoughts, Prayer Life, Bible Study, Confession & Repentance, Faith, Ministry, My Children, Health, Relationships, Diet, Exercise, Obedience, God’s Will, Temptation, and Finances

Priorities, Daily Devotions, Husband Role, Father Role, Work, Finances, Personal Walk, Sexuality, Health, Humility, Protection, Integrity, Thought Life, Words, Leader, Self-Control, Wisdom, Peace, Relationships, and Love

Future Spouse, Siblings, Respect for Authority, Walk with God, Obedience, Holiness, Purity, Self-Control, School, Heart, Thoughts, Words, Protection, Health, Gifts & Calling, Repentance, Friends, Diligence, Wisdom, and Forgiveness

Reaching Beyond
President, America, Governor, Presidential Advisers, Local Government, Supreme Court, Public Schools, Media, Military, House & Senate, Enemies, Missionaries, Economy, Jerusalem, Poor & Defenseless, Crime & Terrorism, Prayer Warriors, Nations, Other Religions, and Body of Christ

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