Sunday, January 31, 2016

Eat That Frog! Part 5

I feel good that I got a few things done this month that I was procrastinating on. Some of my projects were things that I had put off for a long time and others were just things that I found that needed down. 


Day 25: My FROG was to use the craft supplies that I own to make Valentines for my husband. I used paint chips that I picked up this weekend and clear stickers for one set. I used card stock and magazine cut-outs for the others. I sorted supplies for my tea themed paper bag book. I bound the book about 4 years ago and have been slowly collecting teas themed stuff to make the book.  I was inspired by a tea card swap that I was involved in 5 yrs. ago, an old daily Mary Engelbreit calendar, Yogi Tea tags, and scrap scrapbook paper. I may use other supplies as I work on the book. I did complete one layout.


Day 26: My FROG was to have another crafty day. I decorated an envelope for date night questions for my husband and me. I put together a Pinterest board of ideas for my grandson’s 2nd birthday. I’m doing a low budget Curious George theme for our family party. I printed Curious George coloring pages, hats, and his face. I started making a banner. I’ll bake a Curious George cake and buy ice cream. His birthday is February 3rd but we’re having the party on the 7th. I’ll bake a themed cake and make decorations. I’ll need to buy ice creamI’ll bake a themed cake and make decorations. I’ll need to buy ice creamI finished another layout in my Tea Themed paper bag book.

Day 27: My FROG was to have an office day. I did bills, updated our budget, checked out how our Baby Steps 2, 3, and 4 plan is working. 

Day 28: My FROG was to spend time working on my Gallery wall. I’m trying to figure out a new arrangement on my Gallery wall and can't decide. I tried a couple different arrangements but nothing seems right.  I ended up printing a picture of my wall to draw out what I have in mind. I piddled away on Pinterest looking for ideas. I may have to go thrifting soon to get a few interesting frames. All the ones I have are collage style frames. 




My Plan:

Day 28: My 2nd FROG was to spend time working in my office. I found a couple projects to add to my list in my Homemaking Notebook. I made table of contents lists and labels for the section dividers for my Interests and Fabric Crafting Notebooks. I went through my Valentine supplies to picked cards for my kids and grandkids. I put them in a manila envelope in the February section of my Winter Notebook.



Day 28: My 3rd FROG was to mend 2 clothing items. I sewed 2 buttons onto my navy blue coat that has been waiting to be done all winter. I sewed a button onto my black Carpi pants that have been waiting since fall. That's all that I had in my mending pile.


Day 29: My FROG was to work on a page in my Tea Themed paperbag book. My Focus for January was Organizing. I filled out my list of all the projects that I did this month. I complete 45 items by doing the Frog challenge. I worked about 2 hours each day and it took multiple days to complete most of my projects. I’m so happy to have things cleared off my list. I might be able to get a few things done this weekend but it’s looking busy so I may not. I did meal prep for the weekend to avoid spending too much eating out. My husband and I are going to the Columbus Prepfest on Saturday and Snow Tubing on Sunday. Our youngest son works at Mad River Mountain and is able to get people in for free on Sunday evenings. This weekend is a good start to my February Focus of Connecting. I’ve started my list. 



 Day 30: My FROG was to buy 6 frames for our gallery wall and 2 cans of spray paint. I spend $20 total and am happy I found frames at the first thrift store that I visited. 

Day 31: My FROG was to clean the fridge, plan and prep for our meals for next couple days, and plan for February. My Theme for February is Connecting. A few of the projects that I’m planning are to update and organizing my recipe notebooks/cookbooks, plan low cost meals with good nutrition, redo my Gallery wall, scan family photos, and set up my exercise room.  I’ll have to see what else I can do for my Connecting theme. The events I’m planning are my grandson’s 2nd birthday, two Sunday family dinners, Lent, a Mother/Daughter day out with my girls, Valentine’s Day, and a 4 day winter getaway with my husband.

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