Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring Cleaning: Pete's Room

My step-dad Pete will have lived with my family 4 years this coming July. He has Alzheimer's, Diabetes, and Skin Caner along with other medical issues.  He will be 88 yrs. on May 1st. Pete is a Ohio State fan and an Oliver Tractor fan. You maybe able to tell from some of the pictures. I like to keep his room cleaned, organized, and purged. It helps to managed his Alzheimer's so he can  better function  in his personal space.
You can read my Detailed Cleaning for each Bedrooms & Closets Zone here: Cleaning Zone 4: Bedrooms & Closets

Pete's end table.

His tall dresser:

I'm not showing all of his drawers but here is one of them.I organized his so that all his summer clothes and underclothes are in this dresser. He used the top drawer for his personal stuff.

His long dresser.

I organized his drawers so that all of his winter clothes are in this dresser.

I got one garbage bag of clothes from his room, a rug which I decided to remove because of a possible tripping hazard, and some old cards.

Come back for his room tour tomorrow.

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