Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Organizing My Nail Polish

I have 11 bottles of nail polish. I like to have options but don't want to over purchase and have too many bottles. I keep them all in this plastic container and don't buy more unless one goes bad or I decide I don't want a color anymore. The container helps me to limit how many I have the space to store.

I decide to organize my nail polish by using index cards. I lined them up based on what month I use each color the most. I added a small coat of polish, wrote the brand name, and the color name on each index cards.

 My January - June Colors:

The first card is most of my pinks or light colors that I tend to use January-June. The second card is more reds or dark colors that I tend to wear July-December. I did the cards in order of what I would wear each month and as you can see I am 1 polish short of having one for each month. I need to buy a polish for August. I like to wear the same polish color for a month. I made sure the polishes I picked would look good with most of my clothes.

My July - December Colors:

I plan to take the cards when I'm getting new polish. This will help to know what I already own and what color I may need. This was a simple project and took about 30 minutes because I wanted to make sure it was neat.

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