Saturday, March 8, 2014

Spring Cleaning: Kitchen/Dining Room Part 1

I have done a lot of Spring Cleaning in my Kitchen this week but I'm not finished with it yet. I am sharing what I have accomplished so far.   I am a little closer to being ready for Easter and Celebrating the Resurrection with my family.

You can read my Detailed Cleaning of my Kitchen/Dining Room Zone here: 
 Cleaning Zone 2: Kitchen & Dining Room

Kitchen/Dining Room:

I washed the curtains.

My Spice and Drink Cabinet:

I forgot the before picture but it wasn't too bad. I keep a box of tea in the basement so I sorted everything from my cabinet and box. I decided what to put back into the cabinet and what to keep in the box in the basement. 

I stacked everything up based on type of tea such as herb, black, green, medicinal, and then matched up the same flavors. 

I cleaned and organized the shelves.I also sorted and cleaned the canisters.

I forgot the Before but here is the After: 

I purged 4 food items from my Spice/Drink Cabinet.

The box before its return to the basement.

My Everyday Dishes Cabinet:

I didn't purge anything from this cabinet. I just took everything out cleaned it and them put them back nicer. I don't prefer the coffee cups in the cabinet because they don't match but they belong to my boys so I am leaving them. If it was up to me they would be gone and I'd have more drinking glasses in the cabinet instead of the extras being stored in the basement.



My Drawers:

I didn't purge anything from the drawers. I did take everything out cleaned and then rearranged everything back into them.

Our silverware.

I ran the plastic silverware container through the dishwasher.




We have been paper free for over 10 yrs. now. We use cloth napkins, hand towels in the bathroom, dish towels in the kitchen, rags in a bucket for nasty stuff, and rags in the shed for cars. We keep paper products in a box in the basement but don't use them but a couple times a year. The only paper we buy regularly is toilet paper and feminine products.



Our Wraps:

Yes, We do buy wraps.




I decided to put together a couple tablescapes and put away the older ones that I had out.

My Chick Tablescape:
I bought the chicks for $9.00 at a Antique Store a couple weekends ago. The yellow rose plate at a rummage sale last weekend.

My Easter Tablescape:
I bought the cross and Jesus statue at a rummage sale this past weekend for $1.00 and the sheep last year for $1.00.

My China Cabinet:

This is my China Cabinet before I started. I took every dish out and ran them through the dishwasher. 

It took 3 loads to wash everything.

This is after everything was put back away and I purged a few things.

Stop by at the end of the month when I share my Clutter Busting Challenge to see everything I have purged and donated for the month. 

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