Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Home Tour: Living Room

This is our families Living Room. I would like to buy some colorful curtains and pillows. I'm having trouble finding something I like that will look good with our furniture.

The View from the Double Doors.

Starting to the Left of the Doors. Our Bench were we store family Album and Photos. 

The Closets and Entertainment Center.

The Closets:
Our old bedroom which is now my dad's has no closet, and our new master bedroom has a small closet so my husband and I each use a closet in the Living Room. It would be more convenient if it was in our bedroom but we are doing the best we can with what we have.

Entertainment Center:
I keep my exercise/health books and exercise DVDs  on a shelf in the Entrainment Center so they are easy to use. I store my granddaughters toys in the blue cloth bins.

You can read my post from when I updated Our Entertainment Center:
Our Entertainment Center

Our Couch and Corner Cabinet. I have a wooden box next to the couch for my granddaughter books.

Our End Tables and Couch.

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