Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring Cleaning: Living Room

I cleaned the living room this past week. I didn't find anything to purge since I worked on this room in January after I took Christmas Down.

The Bench:

This is were we store family photos and albums.I didn't do any organizing in this area yet but Family Memory Keeping is on my To Do List.

Top Left Closet.

My Husband Closet.

Top Right Closet. 

My Closet.

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The Entertainment Center:

You can read my post from when I updated Our Entertainment Center:
Our Entertainment Center

My Fitness/Nutrition/Spa Shelf:
I moved all my to the entertainment center in the living room. They were previously in my bedroom and although it gave me privacy, moving them gives me more space to exercise. I like keeping all the topics together. The baskets are the workout DVD’s that I own with no cases although one is empty. 

I do use my fitness/nutrition/spa books and exercise DVD’s but not as often as I should recently. A couple of the diet books I haven't looked at in awhile but I'm going to read a little to see if they fit my style. I lost 80 pounds by putting my own plan together after reading a lot of books on the topic. I have the small workout equipment needed to use the books and DVD's that I own. I Walk/Run, do Yoga, Zumba, along my DVD's and books. I'm a CYI (Certified Yoga Instructor). Fitness is kind of a hobby of mine. LOL

 My granddaughters toys in the totes.

Our movies and game stuff is stored in the lower cabinet.

My Corner Cabinet:

I emptied the bottom cabinet in early January. It had candles and extra decor in it but I moved them to the basement were the others are stored.  It works better if everything is stored in the same place.

The Left End Table:

My bible and devotions.

The Right End Table:

A pen and notepad.

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