Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Painting My Nails


I like to do my own nails because it saves money, gives me something fun to do, and is relaxing.

Before I polish my nails I wash my hands, remove any old nail color, and then wash my hands again. This way my hands are clean and I have removed any oil from my nails. When I’m applying my nail polish I don't pile it on too thick. I apply thin layers of polish and spread them out. That way it doesn't cake or smudge.

I first apply a base coat and then a very thin first coat of polish. I apply polish in three narrow, even strokes, one down the middle and one down each side. I make sure the first coat is completely dry before doing the second one. If I don't, the second coat takes forever to dry and tends to smudge. I also take a long break between the second and top coats. Once my manicure is on, I seal it with a topcoat.

I make sure to use a polish that’s fresh and toss any old polish. If the polish consistency isn’t thin and easy to spread on my nail or is all goopy, I stop and trash the bottle.

It might take a little while to develop a steady hand and practice does make perfect. When I'm painting my right hand I lay it on the table, and do it extra-slowly.

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