Friday, March 29, 2013

My List of DO’S instead of BUY’S for March

I decided to make a list of all the things I have done this month for free or cheap that have keep me busy and entertained. I am sure there is more I could add to this list but this will do.  I still have so much that I can DO next month!

Fun and Fitness on the cheap:

I attended my Yoga and Zumba classes several times this month but not as much as I should have due to not feeling well. This was not free but I already paid for it so I am using it.
I went outside and enjoyed the sunshine along with a walk with my daughter Brittany and my granddaughter on a Sunday afternoon.
I read several books from my bookshelf March 2013 Reading List and then donated them to the library.
I went to the library and got several books on topics I enjoy such as fitness, healthy cooking, and crafts. I got a stack of magazines to read such as Woman’s Day, Family Circle, Country Woman, Yoga Journal, and Cooking Light. I borrowed some Christian Praise music such as Third Day- Miracle, Sidewalk Prophets-Live Like That, and Michael W. Smith-Healing Rain. I got a TV series to watch (Downton Abby Season 2). I borrowed and watched two movies Country Strong and Serious Moonlight. All for FREE and no clutter since it goes back when I am finished.
I spend a couple hours reading magazines that I got for free and had been piling up in my basket. They were donated to the library for someone else to enjoy. That's 10 magazine out of my house.
I spent a Sunday afternoon grooming my nails and painting them a nice color.
My Organizing and Decluttering Projects:
I painted a little bookcase cabinet, shelf, and toy chest bubblegum pink for my granddaughter’s room. I plan to use leftover paint on the guest room closet shelves.
I decluttered and organized My Closet . I bought new baskets and a shoe rack to keep things organized. It wasn’t free but was a nice splurge treat for myself which I don’t do very often.

I reorganized and decluttered several areas in my Basement Storage such as my extra kitchen equipment, my craft stuff, holiday stuff, the workout area, personal needs storage, food storage, and our bug-out bags. I worked on this at least 6 days this month one area and one category of stuff at a time. I still have areas to work on but it’s getting done.

I set up my sewing machine in My Guest Room.  I made My Sewing Space by moving my sewing supplies and fabrics from the basement into the unused closet in the guest room along with organizing and decluttering everything.

I spent a day organizing my craft supplies, and jewelry beads in my little office. I worked on the beads for 3 hours and was getting bored but kept at it until the job was done. I made My Quilting Plans after attending a Sewing Smorgasbord were I learned new crafting skills.

I decluttered and sparkled up My Bedroom.

In the Kitchen:

I cleaned the freezer above the fridge since it is almost empty and I’m trying to use stuff up.
I planned some meals this month to use up thing’s that had been in my kitchen for awhile before they went bad and wasted my money. I already paid good money for the stuff I might as well use it up before it goes to waste. I look for ways to use up frozen foods in the freezer before they set too long. I used up perishable things in the fridge and breads before they expired. I used up some boxed and canned foods before they expired. I baked some yummy desserts to avoid spending money on new snacks and treats.
I made some yummy German Soup.

I left the St. Patrick’s Day and Easter clutter in the stores while using decorations and craft supplies I already own.
I checked the freezer and we have a holiday ham for Easter and I have plenty of broccoli for a Broccoli Cheese Bake. I am going to make Loaded Mashed Potato Casserole and Potato Salad with a big bag of potatoes I bought this month. I’ll make a carrot cake for dessert with a box of spice cake mix, carrots, and canned pineapple. We have a SHOP at home feast for the family.

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