Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Quilting Plans

This is the start of my quilting plans with the fabric I bought at the Sewing Smorgasbord on Saturday. You can read about the Sewing Smorgasbord on my previous post.

The red quilt I am going to do 4 patches with cardinal themed appliqués.


This is my cardinal themed pattern for appliqués. I plan to use only the pattern for the cardinal and not the rest of the pattern.

The blue quilt I am doing a disappearing 4 patch with bluebird nest appliqués.


This is the appliqué I did last year during one of the classes at the Sewing Smorgasbord. I plan to make several more for the bluebird themed quilt. I with probably use a lighter color green for the  appliqué but this was what we were given for the class and since it was free I can't complain.

The pink is going to be a bold floral theme.


The yellow is going to be puppy dog with blue hair bow themed. This one is probably going to be for my granddaughter.

I didn’t realize it until I took the pictures but I seems to have bought 4 red Rose themed fabrics and 2 blue Rose themed fabrics. I may have to do a rose themed quilt with them and pull other fabrics from my fabric stash. I have 2 totes of fabric and have been collecting these 4 colors for a couple years. I have never made a quilt before and here I am with 5 quilts in progress. LOL

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